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Infinity and Beyond

The concept of infinity is truly mind-boggling. We can NOT comprehend it. When I was in my teens I would sometimes get myself worked up by trying to fathom where “everything started.” What was before before before before…? What was God doing BEFORE He made the universe? Did He make other universes before ours to experiment a bit? Are we model #1,254,368? Such things can be quite troubling if we try to handle them using our...

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A Wedding Focused on Jesus

It was a joy for me to attend the wedding of my nephew last week. He and his new bride are clearly focused on putting Jesus first in their relationship. They have the right attitude of humble trust in the Lord. It’s such an attitude that has blessed them in their lives so far and WILL bless them with a lasting and joyful marriage. I can say this with complete confidence. The Lord is our STRENGTH! If you’re attending any weddings this...

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Icons of Jesus

Icon = a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something. Every relationship in your life is to be an “icon” of the relationship between Jesus and His beloved bride, the church. The way you love others is to reflect the way Jesus loves you. Our love, like the love of Jesus, is to be sacrificial, unconditional and incarnational. We’re to give up our own self-love. We’re to love others no matter what....

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The Words of Institution – Powerful in Any Language

While in Guatemala on my recent mission trip, I had an unexpected request.  Our team joined in worship with the members of World’s Redeemer Lutheran Church in the small Mayan village of  Santiago Zamora.  Local church laymen were prepared to conduct the service including the delivery of a message, all in Spanish.  However, the pastor who was to be there to officiate over the celebration of the Lord’s Supper could not make it at...

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No Thumb

I recently encountered a man who claimed he was fine spiritually without a regular relationship with Jesus.  He felt he had no need for worship or Bible study.  He was just fine as he was. However, when troubles arose with his spouse and children, his life fell to pieces.  He became irate when they refused to be there for him on his terms.  He stormed and fumed, even threatening litigation to make them do what he wanted.  When these...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview