Quotes from Participants

Here are some quotes from participants in our Marriage in God’s Way seminars:

+ Marriage in God’s Way is the defense of humanity.  (Panama 3-2014)

+ Love in God’s Way will save the world.  (Panama 3-2014)

+ You are not only a great family, but a great team.  (Panama 3-2014)

+ Would highly recommend!

+ Appreciated the sincerity of the presenters.

+ This was a very easy to understand and follow seminar.  I truly enjoyed this seminar and will take the tools I was given today and try to utilize them daily.

+ Look forward to taking this format home and taking it to the next step at home.

+ This gave me a great opportunity to talk and share with my wife; something that needed to happen but probably wouldn’t have without this seminar!

+ Well done – everything covered was helpful, useful & uplifting.  All activities were purposeful & meaningful.  Thank you.

+ This was an excellent seminar.  Thank you for your openness and your time.

+ I really enjoyed the breaks to talk with my spouse and how you respected our privacy and didn’t force us to share if we didn’t feel comfortable.  That in itself made me more comfortable.

+ My husband and I have been struggling in our prayer and sex life.  [We are] so happy we came.  The topic covering about our faith and how it is a part of our relationship was right on for what we needed to hear.

+ Very well done.  Thank you for caring.

I will be a better person – all around – by being a better wife.

Thank you for your time and devotion to strengthening marriages.

I am so grateful to go through this a second time.  We implemented a few things the first time through and will add from this one.

We’re bot bashful about speaking our faith in God and love for each other, but we made it through it.

+ Loved the personal stories and experiences.

+We need to be intentional in planning and preparing for intimacy.

+ My future husband is #1 in my life.  I am so glad our marriage can begin on these truths and with a strong foundation.

+ We would love to do this again after we get married and want to include our siblings and their spouses!

+ It was a wonderful weekend.  You do an awesome job.

+ Thanks for a great weekend together.

+ Well done! Blessings! Keep it going!!


Feedback from a Life in God’s Way retreat for the presidium, staff and Circuit Visitors of the Michigan District of the LCMS and their wives in Sept. 2014:

+My greatest insight was the use of dialogue prayer.  I have always felt intimidated and uncomfortable praying with my husband and have let him do the praying but the dialogue format of prayer makes it less threatening.

+My greatest insight was”thumbs up for Jesus.”

+My greatest insight was a more directed premarital counseling program.

+The triangle illustration of marriage was very effective and very teachable!!  Excellent!

+Thank you soooo much!  My wife and I loved it!

+Great presentation!

+My greatest insight was the idea of a family mission statement.

+Thank you, Todd & Heather, for your witness and example!

+My greatest insight was the reminder that we are reflections/examples of Christ to those around us and that our marriage is the reflection of Christ and His bride, the church – Excellent presentation!

+My greatest insight was that I am not being selfish to expect that my husband’s responsibility to me really IS ahead of that to his church.  As long as that stays in balance we can “fly” together in ministry to those around us.

+My greatest insight was that I need to take more time with my wife to plan and pray about our marriage, our life, and our calling.

+My greatest insight was the emphasis on God having made my husband and me for one another!  (Already knew this, but just the reminding of it was very helpful.)  Hope our children have that realization in their future relationships/marriage.

+My greatest insight was using “please forgive me” instead of “I’m sorry.”

+I LOVED the triangle illustration[of marriage] and the “finger story”  [of relationship priorities] and am excited to share this with my kids and beyond.  (Yay for Heather and her visuals!)

+My greatest insight was that my wife is the greatest earthly gift God has given me.


Feedback from a one-day seminar for church workers of the Nebraska District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod on Jan. 30, 2015.  The seminar guided participants through the concepts of Life in God’s Way and equipped them to share the resources in their own way.

  • I was very pleased to see a biblically based, thoroughly Lutheran marriage seminar, yet one that can be presented in an engaging style … . I plan on using it in my congregation and community next year.
  • Excellent information. A couple of us in our circuit are already working on presenting this seminar as a cooperative effort among the churches of our circuit – hopefully in September of next year.
  • This was an excellent seminar.  I’m already visiting with a couple of members to see if they can help me do a marriage retreat this fall.
  • Well worth the time and cost to attend! Thank you for this valuable resource.
  • This was an awesome workshop.  We have already scheduled two marriage retreats for 2015.  We are going to meet following our 8 AM Sunday service and go to 2 P.M.  Our entire staff will take a part of the presentation.  We hope to make this marriage ministry a part of the lifeblood of this congregation.  I appreciated not only the content but also how well the material was packaged.  We are going to require premarital couples to attend one of these retreats.  I am [interested] in the materials he is working on for teenage youth.   Our entire staff went home excited about this ministry.  I appreciated the fact that the cost was low enough for our entire staff to attend.  If you have more workshops in the future we will be there.  Thanks.
  • Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed it and benefited greatly.
  • This is a very good resource. A few of us in our circuit are already talking about how we could pool our resources to do a multi-church, multi-pastor version of this for a circuit couples’ retreat.
  • I was very impressed. I’ve been wanting to do something like this in the past, but haven’t felt confident enough with the resources I have to do it.  Now I think I have a leg to lean on with this high quality material.  Thank you for the offer.  I’m extremely glad that I didn’t pass it up.
  • I enjoyed the seminar, thought it was helpful and planning on using a few of the items for our pre-marriage class here at church. Thought the illustrations were helpful.
  • This was a wonderful seminar that I greatly appreciated and look forward to using these materials within my congregation!
  • I would offer Pastor Biermann’s marriage seminar as a seminar for church worker couples—not so that they could lead other seminars but so that they could invest in their own marriages!
  • Thank you for hosting this seminar.  It has been used by God for my wife and I to invest in our own marriage more!

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