Life … in God’s way.  Jesus is the key.  As He loves the church, His bride, He’s showing us the way that God intends for marriage (and all relationships) to be lived out in this world.  The basic aspects of the relationship between Christ and the church are not complex, but they are challenging to sinful man.  This is why our relationships and lives tend to become so messy.  The intent of this blog is to lay out some SIMPLE and MEMORABLE concepts that Jesus has given us.  Drawn from Jesus’ Word and life (esp. see Eph. 5:31-32), these concepts will guide us to a life of right priorities and blessed relationships … in God’s way.  Every aspect of life is changed for the better when we start to live out all our relationships in God’s way.  Receiving the perfect love of Jesus first, we’re equipped and empowered to live out His love in our relationships with others.  The result will be a grace-filled and grace-giving LIFE…in God’s Way!

To learn about Dr. Biermann’s book, Handing Out Life, that summarizes these teachings, go to this POST or go directly to the Amazon posting CLICK HERE.facebook-banner-with-award

To hear Dr. Biermann talk about these concepts in a LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW with KFUO radio on Jan. 21, 2014, CLICK HERE.

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For a summary of God’s simple guidance for MARRIAGE (and ALL relationships), go to the blog entries under the MARRIAGE category, starting especially with these:

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  2. Sacrificial, Unconditional & Incarnational Love
  3. The Perfect Husband

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To see PDF copies of the Power Point and Leader’s Guide previously used to present the Life in God’s Way concepts in a SEMINAR setting, follow these links:

  1. Life in God’s Way seminar Power Point
  2. Life in God’s Way seminar Leader’s Guide

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