Here are some videos of Rev. Dr. Todd Biermann speaking about key concepts from “Life in God’s Way.”

1. Rev. Dr. Todd Biermann on “Right Priorities in God’s Way” as shared with Urban India Ministries on 2021-7-28. CLICK HERE (19 Min 52 Secs)

2. Interview with Prof. Ben Freudenburg on family priorities and witness during COVID-19 and beyond. (32 Min)  CLICK HERE

3.  Marriage as a Gospel Witness. (2 Min 45 Secs)

Rev. Dr. Todd Biermann speaks of how marriage in God’s way gives us a picture of the way Jesus loves us, His “Bride.”  In short, marriage is to be a Gospel witness to the world.

4.  “Thumbs UP” to Relationship Priorities.  (4 Min 25 Secs)

Rev. Dr. Todd Biermann uses God’s Word to instruct us on the right prioritization of all our relationships.  A simple illustration using the thumb and four fingers on our hand will help us remember this Word from God.

5.  All Godly Relationships Are Marked by Sacrificial, Unconditional and Incarnational Love.  (4 Min 3 Secs)

Rev. Dr. Todd Biermann explains how marriage in God’s way is marked by sacrificial, unconditional and incarnational love.  He provides a simple, memorable and Christ centered “hand” illustration that will be useful in marriage and every other relationship.

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