Presentations & Mentoring

The Biermanns regularly share the concepts of Life in God’s Way in various live settings.

A detailed description of all they are prepared to offer is given in this post – CLICK to LINK

One brief option is an OVERVIEW PRESENTATION (1 to 2 hours) that is appropriate for pastors’ conferences, teachers’ workshops, district gatherings or other events involving church workers/leaders.

Related SHORT PRESENTATIONS (1 to 2 hours) may also focus on topics such as A Marriage in God’s Way WorldviewAn Effective Marriage Preparation Program; Free Weddings as an Outreach ToolMinistry to Those Who Are Cohabitating; Care for Those in Homosexual Relationships; and Marriage as Guide for Congregational Life/Structure.

Most commonly requested has been the SHORT FORM SEMINAR (5 to 10 hours)  for couples wishing to enrich their marriage or prepare for marriage.  These have been eagerly received in many congregations, regions and several foreign countries.

The most thorough and impactful presentation is the IN DEPTH RETREAT (2 to 5 days) that has been useful for couples from congregations, regions and entire foreign countries.

As a sample of the type of material shared in the above settings, see the following:

Another option available is ONGOING MENTORING on the incorporation of Life in God’s Way concepts into pastoral care and/or congregational life.


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