A Wedding Focused on Jesus

jess-weddingIt was a joy for me to attend the wedding of my nephew last week. He and his new bride are clearly focused on putting Jesus first in their relationship. They have the right attitude of humble trust in the Lord. It’s such an attitude that has blessed them in their lives so far and WILL bless them with a lasting and joyful marriage. I can say this with complete confidence. The Lord is our STRENGTH!

If you’re attending any weddings this summer and you see a couple that’s keeping their eyes on Jesus and pointing everyone else to Jesus, then thank God for them. Also, tell them how thankful you are for their witness to the world. The more marriages that are established in Jesus’ way, the more witnesses there will be who will lead more to eternity in Jesus’ love.

Praise God for the gift of marriage. Praise Jesus for the gift of His love as our perfect Husband.

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