What if…

So often I find myself worrying about the “what if” possibilities in my life.  What if I get sick, maybe even with cancer like so many others?  What if someone I’m relying on for help is suddenly taken away?  What if new government regulations complicate life or require a change from the status quo?  What if a disaster wipes out my financial stability?  What if a loved one dies?  What if …?

In the midst of all these “what if” considerations, there’s really only one worth the brain and heart time.  What if Jesus hadn’t come at Christmas to live, die and rise in payment for my sin?  That’s the only “what if” that should ultimately send a shiver down my spine.  If that “what if” were true, all the other “what if” options would be truly frightening as well because there’d be no truly reliable help in the crisis.  Loss would be devastating.  Suffering would be unrelenting.  Death would be final.

Photo by amanderson2

Photo by amanderson2

BUT, the ultimate “what if” is NOT true!  Jesus DID come to fulfill God’s salvation plan.  I am forgiven.  I am loved.  I am free from hell.  I am alive forever.  I am filled with JOY!   This reality takes the teeth out of all the other “what if” worries in life.  They lose their power.  Satan can’t whisper them in my ear and fill me with instant fear.  Illness, loss, tragedy, disaster and death have all lost their power.  NOTHING can separate us from the love of God that is ours in Christ Jesus, our Lord!

As I’m running frantically from one thing to another during this Advent-tide, it’s very tempting to fill the tiny gaps of consciousness with “what if” worries.  Such worries become more prominent and powerful when I’m tired and not spending as much time with the Lord as I should.  So, I’m praying today-and invite you to join me-for the Spirit to continually remind me that the greatest “what if” threat is non-existent.  Jesus has come!  ALL is good in His loving hands!  No “what if” about it!  No worries!  Only endless joy in Jesus.

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3 Responses to What if…

  1. Heather Biermann says:

    Awesome! Thanks for reminding us of JESUS and our ultimate life with HIM!

  2. Sue Pontin says:

    Well said!!!! Makes us remember we have nothing to fear, even with all the “what ifs”

  3. Jeri Steward says:

    Jesus’ love has gotten me through a lot in my life. Without that I would be lost. Today, when my children are going through a “what if”, I remind them that they are never alone.

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