As I listen to the latest banter from those who would be president, I can’t help but shake my head.  So much of what is being said is so far from what God calls good and right.  It seems like a candidate must give up on the ways of God if he or she wants to gain political clout, gain votes and win an election.

Going back to the “Thumbs Up” illustration of relationship priorities, I’m reminded that politicians are not an independent category of importance among the relationships in my life.  Jesus is still my first and most important relationship.  My spouse is second.  My children and other family members come next.  Then, my fellow believers in Jesus.  Finally, there’s everyone else in my life.  Politicians may fall into any one of the four human relationship categories, but they’re not so important that they’re a class unto themselves.

Since Jesus is still on top, I’m not so worried about what any politician might say.  God is still God and He is still working all things together for my good.

Photo by Gilbert Mercier

Photo by Gilbert Mercier

Politicians are just ordinary people with the ordinary sin that afflicts us all.  I’ll try to love them, encourage them and pray for them as I would anyone else.  In spite of their faults, God can and will use them for His good purposes.  It’s a good perspective to keep in mind and it’s much more conducive to peaceful sleep at the end of the day.

May God grant you such a “Thumbs Up” perspective as you tolerate the incessant bombardment of political banter that’s assailing us!

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  1. LoisKier says:

    Well said Pastor and I too can’t stand political bashing and fighting and screaming, I pray that Lord will help us make a better world to live in!! I never dreamed our world would become what is. Prayers for you and your Family. Love & God’s Blessings to!! Lois K.

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