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As I listen to the latest banter from those who would be president, I can’t help but shake my head.  So much of what is being said is so far from what God calls good and right.  It seems like a candidate must give up on the ways of God if he or she wants to gain political clout, gain votes and win an election. Going back to the “Thumbs Up” illustration of relationship priorities, I’m reminded that politicians are not an...

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Paul Ryan’s Family Priority

Headlines in the news this week have been featuring the debate over whether Representative Paul D. Ryan would be willing to serve as the new Speaker of the House.  I’m not going to weigh in on whether he should be the next Speaker, but I will comment on something that came through the news today.  An article this morning said that among Mr. Ryan’s conditions for serving was that he would not give up time with his family.  In his...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview