Paul Ryan’s Family Priority

Paul Ryan, Toledo Airport-1435

Headlines in the news this week have been featuring the debate over whether Representative Paul D. Ryan would be willing to serve as the new Speaker of the House.  I’m not going to weigh in on whether he should be the next Speaker, but I will comment on something that came through the news today.  An article this morning said that among Mr. Ryan’s conditions for serving was that he would not give up time with his family.  In his own words, “I cannot and will not give up my family time.”  Some believe that this position by Ryan is significant.  It’s making a statement that high profile and high demand jobs for men should not force them to give up their important roles of husband and father.

I cheer such a stance!  It’s showing that some people are catching on to the fact that family is more important than work.  Following the principles of the “Thumbs Up” illustration of relationship priorities, spouse and family rank above the work we do for the rest of the people in the world, even if we hold a position of global influence.  If you can’t keep your own house in order, you’re not fit to keep the rest of the world in order either.  But, if you have a healthy godly family life, you’ll be able to pass along the love in your home to others you meet in your work.  What a blessing that would be to the world of politics!

We can debate motives and veracity of statements made by politicians all day.  But, whether you trust Paul Ryan or not, his words today are worth celebrating.  I pray that more and more individuals in politics and other high-influence public roles will practice what he’s preaching.  By holding up the important priority of quality family time, we’ll see untold blessings for families, American society and the whole world.  It’s just one more benefit of truly living life in God’s way.

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