"A Place to Rest" by Sonja und Jens

“A Place to Rest” by Sonja und Jens

Still.  “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)  Hard to do for most of us.  This was made clear as I read the editorial in my local paper this week.  The editor noted that she did a very unusual thing the other day…she just sat in silence for a few minutes…no phone, no computer, no radio, no television, no noise.  In that stillness, she was amazed that she actually had some time to collect her thoughts.  She could actually ponder life for a moment.  Of course, with such quiet pondering can come worry and fear about all the ills of life.  I believe that’s why many people FEAR silence and do all they can to fill every moment with some sort of external stimulus.  However, we need not fear the stillness.  Our gracious and loving God calls us to turn to Him in our stillness.  Take time to remember that He’s STILL in charge.

It struck me as I pondered that word “still” that I often use it to say things like, “Are you still with me?”  I’m checking on the continuation of someone’s attention.  Using the word “still” in this sense is a good way to express the continuation of God’s love.  He ALWAYS remains STILL.  He does not move away from us.  He does not shake in fear at anything.  He doesn’t fade away after a while.  He doesn’t break down like all the technology we use regularly.  He is constant, stable, unmovable, reliable, comforting and loving…STILL!

This Christmas I look forward to pausing long enough to be STILL and know that God is STILL there for me.  The baby born in Bethlehem grew to be the Savior who died, rose and STILL lives for me.  He STILL loves me.  He STILL walks with me each day.  He STILL gives me the sure hope of heaven.  He STILL gives me a good reason to calm down…relax…and…be…still.

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