Chamber of Commerce Presentation

This morning I had the delightful privilege to be the featured speaker for the Grand Blanc (Michigan) Chamber of Commerce’s monthly breakfast meeting.  I attend these meetings regularly, but this is the first time I’ve spoken to the group of about 50 people.GB Chamber Logo

Although it was a “secular” setting, the entire group was welcoming and attentive as I spoke about interpersonal relationships.  It reinforced what I’ve said many times before.  Relationships are at the heart of EVERYTHING we do in life.  Those who work regularly in the business sector are especially aware of the value in having positive relationships.

Also evident this morning was that the concepts Jesus has taught about relationships are applicable to anyone.  I didn’t preach a sermon, but I pointed to Jesus as the source of the wisdom I was sharing.  Even if you don’t call yourself a Christian, Jesus has a lot to teach you.  The audience this morning reinforced this.

I’m thankful that I had this opportunity to teach about relationship priorities and the three key elements to good relationships.  I’m also thankful for the many words of appreciation afterward along with some requests for further conversation.  I know that it was simply another instance of God doing what He loves to do.  He loves to guide everyone to the joy of life in His way.  I spoke of it.  The Spirit planted it.  Jesus empowered it.  Lives were changed…in God’s way.

P.S.  If you would like me to come share the same message with your group…chamber of commerce, Rotary Club, City Council, business team…let me know.  I’d be eager to discuss this possibility.

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