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Blessing Couples to Be a Blessing

This coming Saturday Heather and I will be leading our Marriage in God’s Way seminar at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Bay City, MI. We love leading married and engaged couples through this study of what God’s Word teaches for their benefit. Jesus is the perfect husband toward His bride, the church. Following His example and guidance, couples grow in a lasting love marked by tremendous joy and powerful witness to the world. Such couples also...

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Which Pronouns Do YOU Prefer?

It’s popular these days to discuss the usage of pronouns. Many are very concerned about which ones are used in reference to their personal identity. Do you like to be associated with “she, her, hers” or “he, him, his” or “they, them, theirs” or …? While personal identity is a very important matter, I believe we are on the wrong track if we get hung up about such pronouns. The focus of all of this talk is what I want to make ME...

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Sabbatical Summary

Over the past two months, I’ve had the privilege to enjoy a sabbatical from my regular routine of pastoral service. As I reflect, I must answer the question…was it worthwhile? My exuberant answer is absolutely “YES!” I’ve gained a profound appreciation of the truth that LIFE IS REWARDING AND JOYFUL when it’s lived IN GOD’S WAY! My goal these past two months was primarily to practice what I preach when it comes to living out loving...

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Educator of the Year 2018

It was humbling to receive a very special award last night. At the annual Gala of the Concordia Center for the Family in Ann Arbor, MI, I was awarded their “Outstanding Family Life Educator of the Year 2018” award. I was surprised to receive it since I certainly was never trying to earn it. I’m simply thankful that the Lord is using Heather and me to bless marriages and families with HIS way to live. Indeed, Jesus, the perfect...

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Fall in Love

There’s a fairy tale notion of love that we just “fall in love” when we meet the right person. If we find Mr. or Mrs. Right, then the result of such falling in love is living happily ever after. Not so. True love is based on a decision to invest in another person. Yes, it’s great to start with someone that you find attractive for various areas of common interest or outer beauty. But, for that relationship to grow and...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview