Which Pronouns Do YOU Prefer?

It’s popular these days to discuss the usage of pronouns. Many are very concerned about which ones are used in reference to their personal identity. Do you like to be associated with “she, her, hers” or “he, him, his” or “they, them, theirs” or …? While personal identity is a very important matter, I believe we are on the wrong track if we get hung up about such pronouns. The focus of all of this talk is what I want to make ME feel good about MYSELF in MY way. It’s a very self-absorbed line of thought. It’s NOT the direction God would have us go!

The first three commandments remind us that our attention must always be focused, first and foremost, on GOD. HE is Lord of the universe and there is no other…not even ME. HIS NAME is what should concern me, not MY name or MY pronouns. HIS praise is what should consume my life, not MY self-praise.

And, being claimed by Jesus by grace through the washing of Holy Baptism is what gives me the identity that matters more than anything else. Call me “Child of God,” “Disciple of Jesus,” “Christian!” He has claimed me (and each of you who has been baptized) with a very special second person pronoun in Isaiah 43:1, “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.”  I have been forgiven for all my sin and that has changed my world so I’m not absorbed with myself. I’m obsessed with thanking and praising HIM…JESUS…my SAVIOR! I want to praise HIM every day. I am HIS!

So, if you want to get hung up on which pronoun is best for you, I’d say you go for this one…HIS!

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