Stewardship of Marriage

I just read an excellent article on a topic dear to my heart…the stewardship of marriage. It is the latest StewardCAST article from LCMS Stewardship Ministry. Link to it by clicking HERE.


This article contains some excellent points. As I’ve also said before, “…stewardship is not so much about what is done, but rather the identity of the one doing it.” And, since our identity comes from the God who made us “male and female” who are to “become one flesh” in marriage, it follows that our stewardship begins with a foundational understanding and respect for the institution of marriage. Indeed, “The relationship between husband and wife as established by the Lord in creation is the key to all the other relationships that exist in the congregation.” As the article continues, “Stewardship of marriage lays the foundation for not only creating, but bringing to faith the next generation of believers. … Good stewards of marriage serve as teachers of faith and life.”

This great article goes on to discuss the danger of a “disposability and non-permanent attitude toward marriage” creeping into our congregations. It is only when we foster strong, permanent marriages in God’s way that we will properly reflect the strength and permanence of the love of Jesus that the next generation and all the world will be able to see and learn.

It is also important that we help marriages through the struggles of financial management since many marriages come to an end over such matters. Wise stewardship of marriage includes training with resources such as Financial Peace University and Money and Marriage God’s Way from Compass. Everything we do to strengthen the institution of marriage will benefit individuals, marriages, congregational families and the world that sees us. As the article summarizes near the end, “Marriage is foundational in a congregation. Good stewardship of marriage enables a congregation to be faithful stewards of the Gospel.”

I encourage you to read and apply the ideas in this article both personally and congregationally. Wise stewardship of marriage is key to healthy marriages, healthy families, healthy congregations and the proclamation of the Gospel.



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  1. Kehinde oluremi Mathew says:

    Please I need a study on marital stewardship

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