Blessing Couples to Be a Blessing

This coming Saturday Heather and I will be leading our Marriage in God’s Way seminar at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Bay City, MI. We love leading married and engaged couples through this study of what God’s Word teaches for their benefit. Jesus is the perfect husband toward His bride, the church. Following His example and guidance, couples grow in a lasting love marked by tremendous joy and powerful witness to the world. Such couples also bring strength to the congregation of believers of which they’re a part.

I need to stress that last point more clearly. Christian congregations benefit TREMENDOUSLY when the couples in that congregation are living according to God’s plan for marriage. This is ESPECIALLY true when the pastor and other church leaders are following God’s lead. They’re a living picture of the Gospel! The way they sacrifice for each other. The way they’re committed to each other, no matter what. They way they care for each other’s physical needs. The way they forgive. The way they LOVE! This helps others in the congregation to understand Jesus’ love through a living, real example. This is an awesome sermon along-side of those preached from the pulpit. Such couples also go out into the world to be a living picture of the Gospel for EVERYONE to see. This is a better and more effective evangelism program than most others I’ve seen in the church.

If you’re a couple that happens to be free from 9 to 3 this Saturday and you’re in the vicinity of Bay City, Michigan, you can probably still come join us for this awesome opportunity to be blessed to become a blessing. If you can’t join us, then please pray for us. Our loving Bridegroom, Jesus, delights in blessing couples that seek to follow His way.

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