Infinity and Beyond

The concept of infinity is truly mind-boggling. We can NOT comprehend it. When I was in my teens I would sometimes get myself worked up by trying to fathom where “everything started.” What was before before before before…? What was God doing BEFORE He made the universe? Did He make other universes before ours to experiment a bit? Are we model #1,254,368? Such things can be quite troubling if we try to handle them using our finite brains. Thankfully…we don’t have to figure these things out.

God has told us what we need to know. He is good and loving. He made us good and loving. In our freedom we betrayed Him, but He didn’t give up on us. He had a plan to restore us. In Jesus that plan has been fulfilled. Jesus IS God who entered into our finite realm to save us. The Holy Spirit gives us faith to believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord. We know with certainty in our hearts that we are loved. We know that Jesus is alive and reigning in love. We know He will keep His promise and take us to Himself when we leave this earth behind. We know we will live for infinity into the future with Jesus in a joyous paradise.

As we approach Christmas it’s good to ponder some of these infinite truths. It puts us in our place. We are weak and lowly creatures. We can’t comprehend infinity…the absence of linear time…a realm beyond our current physical limits. Yet, we have an Almighty God who is above all such things. He was and is and ever shall be. He is the great I AM. At Christmas, the great I AM took on limited flesh in our timeline to save us. That’s all we really need to know. That’s why we keep our “Thumbs Up” to Jesus as our most important priority in life. We live out every other relationship with the goal of pointing everyone to Jesus. Then, when this finite time is ended, we WILL be together with Jesus for infinity and beyond!

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