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Infinity and Beyond

The concept of infinity is truly mind-boggling. We can NOT comprehend it. When I was in my teens I would sometimes get myself worked up by trying to fathom where “everything started.” What was before before before before…? What was … Continue reading

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Abandoning the Family

My wife, Heather, and I were just reflecting on all the changes we’ve seen in the congregations I’ve served for the past 28 years. One thing that struck us both is the number of people who have simply “dropped out” along the … Continue reading

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The Great Deceiver

“The Great Deceiver” is the name of a Bible study that several other men and I started this week. It focuses on how the devil, Satan, Lucifer…is VERY real and is an expert at deception. His greatest trick is to … Continue reading

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Lying’s Evil Power

This past Wednesday I read a New York Times article about a scientific study on lying. It said, “We’ve all lied once in a while to spare someone’s feelings, but a new study looks at how fibbing could turn into serial dishonesty. … Continue reading

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The Truth in Love

Don’t jump to conclusions about what other people are thinking! This is one of the most valuable pieces of advice I received long ago and continue to pass along today. Too many times we paint the “worst case scenario” in our … Continue reading

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Misleading Divorce Statistics … There IS Hope for Marriage!

You may have heard it said that 50% of all marriages will end in divorce.  Many reputable studies and reports in recent years have shown that THIS JUST ISN’T TRUE!  The actual divorce rate is much lower.   The following … Continue reading

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The Son WILL Rise!

DOMA.  Prop 8.  Marriage redefined.  God’s ways gone. Have we entered a period of darkness that will never be broken?  It may seem hopeless to stand up for the Truth when it comes to marriage or any other aspect of … Continue reading

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