The Son WILL Rise!

DOMA.  Prop 8.  Marriage redefined.  God’s ways gone.

Have we entered a period of darkness that will never be broken?  It may seem hopeless to stand up for the Truth when it comes to marriage or any other aspect of life in God’s way.

Yet … I’m reminded of an encounter in J. R. R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.”  Bilbo Baggins and his accompanying band of dwarves have been captured by mighty trolls who are preparing to feast on them that very night.  However, the wizard Gandalf arrives upon the scene.  He sees the plight of his diminutive friends and formulates a plan.  He knows that even though the trolls possess great strength and appear to have the upper hand, the inevitable advance of the universe according to its established design cannot be stopped.  The sun is about to rise.  Gandalf knows that if the rays of that sun fall upon the trolls, they’ll be turned to stone and their evil schemes will be foiled.  So, Gandalf uses his wits to distract the trolls and lead them into a prolonged dispute about the preparations for their feast.  The self-absorbed, tunnel-visioned trolls fail to see the signs of their pending doom. They’re caught off guard by the rising sun.  They meet their end in the light of day and their would be meal is free to live another day.

Some may think their brilliance and might have given them an inevitable victory over the weak fools who follow the teachings of the God of the Bible.  But, they’re missing the signs of the inevitable advance of the universe according to the plan of its Maker.  Jesus, “the Sun of Righteousness” (Mal. 4:2), WILL rise upon us.  This is the absolutely certain end in store for our world.  We can no more stop this than we can stop the rising of the sun.  And, when He rises on the Last Day, He will deliver His faithful children from the darkness and every captive bond, even from death itself, to live on with Him forever in the joy of heaven.

We dare not lose our faith or our wits.  We must cling to the Truth that has ever set us free from sin, deception, fear and the power of death.  We must continue to hold up the Truth that declares marriage to be the life long union between one man and one woman.  We must keep sharing the Truth so that every person on earth will join our foolish and weak “hobbit” band before the Son returns, leaving that old troll, Satan, standing alone to bear the destruction that awaits him at that time.  We must continue to rejoice in the Truth that we are claimed by the Bridegroom Jesus to be His bride forever.  Holding to this Truth in unswerving faith, our day of deliverance is inevitable.  REJOICE!  As surely as the sun rises each morning according to the Creator’s plan, the “Sun of Righteousness” WILL dawn upon us to give us the Light of Life … eternally!DSC03662

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