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After some wonderful vacation time to celebrate our anniversary, Heather and I had the privilege of sharing the blessings of marriage in God’s way.  We spent last week as co-presenters for a Grace Place Wellness retreat at Heartwood Conference Center in Trego, Wisconsin.  24 couples from all over the United States were there.  These couples were mostly pastors and their wives, but there were other church workers in attendance with their spouse.  There were young couples that had only been married a short time as well as couples that had been married about 50 years.

Grace Place Attendees

Grace Place Attendees

It was a delight to share what the Bible teaches about marriage in the way God intended it to be … as a life long union between one man and one woman … shaped by the model of Jesus Christ and His love for the church.  The most impressive thing was something Heather and I have seen many times before.  God’s Word applies to couples at any stage in their marriage and from any walk of life.  Every couple in attendance commented on how our material was perfectly applicable to them in their marriage.  They all found something to draw them closer together in a committed and joyful relationship.

Place of birth doesn’t matter (we had missionary kids born overseas).  Age doesn’t matter.  Current place of residence doesn’t matter.  Place of employment doesn’t matter.  Cultural difference doesn’t matter.  Economic level doesn’t matter.  NOTHING hinders the power of God’s Word to bless and guide those who seek to have a marriage in His way.  At the heart of God’s Word and the key to its power is the Gospel of free forgiveness for Christ’s sake.  It’s a gift He freely gives to ALL who repent and turn to Him in faith.  It’s a gift that every husband and wife can share daily.

Here’s the bottom line we shared last week that we’re eager to share with all who will listen.  God’s Word offers everyone SIMPLE, MEMORABLE and GOSPEL-FOCUSED guidance for great marriages.  There are NO boundaries to marriage in God’s Way.

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