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Team Biermann runs the  Volkslaufe AS ONE!

Team Biermann runs the Volkslaufe AS ONE!

Heather and I had a first yesterday.  We ran together in the 5K race as part of the Volkslaufe (The People’s Race) in Frankenmuth, MI.  We didn’t win any medals.  We didn’t get much notice from anyone but a few friends from church.  But, we did enjoy it very much as we ran the whole race together as one.

Our love for each other grew through this experience.  We practiced the principles we’ve learned from the Lord.  For one, HEATHER suggested that we do this.  Now, this is truly a sacrifice of love from her.  Although I’ve run several races in the past, Heather had never done this before.  She doesn’t relish running.  The pain in her knees cries out saying, “STOP RUNNING, YOU FOOL!”  But, out of love (and with the help of a couple Ibuprofen), she made the sacrificial and unconditional choice to train and run with me … putting her love into physical action.

On my part, I put aside my testosterone driven desire to take off sprinting with the lead guys in the race … just to prove that I still can.  It wasn’t about winning or impressing anybody with my prowess.  Instead, I relished the fact that I had a wonderful wife who was willing to join me in something I enjoy.  And, honestly, it was a lot more fun and less painful than it ever would have been if I’d gone sprinting after the jack-rabbits up front.  My decision to sacrifice my macho attitude, unconditionally stay in step with my wife and stay physically by her side, paid off with a great experience together.  In fact, Heather’s already discussing when we might do another race together.  Who would’ve thunk it? 🙂

The decision to love IS worth it.  New adventures and TRULY valuable rewards (better than medals) are always in store for the couple that runs together … in God’s way.

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  1. Stacey Chapman says:

    Good Job you two. It truly is an experience to run a race. I have completed one marathon, two half marathons, the Crim on three occasions, and several 5K’s. The energy you get from others is exhilarating. Glad the two of you had such a wonderful experience. Up and onward.

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