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ACCURATE Divorce Statistics

My blog last week was so intriguing to many that I thought it was worth one more week of attention.  The accurate statistics on the longevity and satisfaction in marriage are so encouraging that I decided to put them here in a concise summary so you can know and share them.  According to Harvard trained statistician and author Shaunti Feldhahn in her latest book, The Good News about Marriage, these are the ACCURATE numbers: Average number of...

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Misleading Divorce Statistics … There IS Hope for Marriage!

You may have heard it said that 50% of all marriages will end in divorce.  Many reputable studies and reports in recent years have shown that THIS JUST ISN’T TRUE!  The actual divorce rate is much lower.   The following article reinforces this very clearly.  It comes from the May 7, 2014 installment of Washington Update distributed online by the Family Research Council.  When you hear anyone spouting off about the imminent end of...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview