ACCURATE Divorce Statistics

My blog last week was so intriguing to many that I thought it was worth one more week of attention.  The accurate statistics on the longevity and satisfaction in marriage are so encouraging that I decided to put them here in a concise summary so you can know and share them.  According to Harvard trained statistician and author Shaunti Feldhahn in her latest book, The Good News about Marriage, these are the ACCURATE numbers:

Average number of first-time marriages that have ended in divorce: probably 20 to 25 percent.

Average number of first-time marriages that have ended in divorce among churchgoers: more likely in the single digits or teens.

Couples who state they have a happy marriage: 80 percent.

In an interview on CBN News, Feldhahn recently stated, “We need to change the paradigm of how we talk about marriage — from marriage being in trouble and all this discouraging stuff to saying, ‘No, wait.  Most marriages are strong and happy for a lifetime.’ That makes a total difference to a couple who can now say, ‘You know what? Most people get through this and we can, too.'”

I AGREE!  God’s way for marriage leads to lasting contentment, joy and even happiness.  Let’s share the GOOD NEWS!

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