Freedom of Religion

Jesus rose from the dead to set us free from sin, death and hell.  Our freedom is a DONE DEAL!  It’s guaranteed by what Jesus did.  It’s ours by the work of the Holy Spirit in Baptism and God’s Word.  We ARE free … forever!

There’s a lot of concern in our nation about legislation that either limit’s or ensures the freedom of religion.  Many Christians are very worried about where things are headed.

Photo by Steve Rotman

Photo by Steve Rotman

I say, step back and remember the big picture.  Jesus rose!  Done deal!  We ARE free!  NOTHING in this world can take that away.  Nothing can keep us from trusting in Jesus ALL the time.  Nothing can keep us from praying to Him continually.  Nothing can take away the peace and joy He gives us always.  THAT’S true “freedom of religion” … a free and open relationship with our Lord, Savior and Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

Don’t let the latest plotting and fuming of a sinful world and your own sinful nature get you down.  REJOICE in the victory and FREEDOM won by Jesus on Easter morning and given to you as a FREE GIFT!  We will ALWAYS have “freedom of religion” in the way that matters most!

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