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Thumbs Up for Eternity

Today I finished teaching on online masters level course on marriage and family relationships for Concordia University, Wisconsin/Ann Arbor. I had an excellent group of students who fully grasped, adopted and have begun sharing Jesus’ way for relationships. They especially appreciated … Continue reading

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JOY in Death

This past Tuesday I had the challenge and privilege of preaching and leading the funeral service for a dear friend, the wife of the previous senior pastor at the congregation I now serve. Lorna was a wonderfully faithful woman who … Continue reading

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Stories of Hope!

Hope is elusive for many people. It will ALWAYS be out of reach if we rely on the promises and power of men. However, in Jesus Christ there is ALWAYS the sure and certain hope of wonderful things ahead. We … Continue reading

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Never Too Late

Sadly, many couples believe their marriage is beyond hope. They’ve been married for 5 or 20 or 40 years and they feel the troubles they have are too deeply ingrained. “There’s no way it can be fixed!” I say…BALONEY! In … Continue reading

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Post-Election Comfort

Following the U.S. elections last week, many people, all around the world, are rather unsettled, worried and maybe even fearful. This particular election process was filled with so much hostility that it seems the hurts can never be healed. That’s … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games

I just finished listening to the last book in The Hunger Games series.  The overwhelming response from my family is that this book series was very sad and depressing.  We understand that there’s violence and evil in the world.  We … Continue reading

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Freedom of Religion

Jesus rose from the dead to set us free from sin, death and hell.  Our freedom is a DONE DEAL!  It’s guaranteed by what Jesus did.  It’s ours by the work of the Holy Spirit in Baptism and God’s Word. … Continue reading

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Last night my dear wife showed her love to me by joining me to watch an action thriller movie.  Even though it’s not her first choice for entertainment, she indulges me every now and then … out of love.  For … Continue reading

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Funerals, Weddings & Life … in God’s Way

On Monday I ‘ll be officiating for a funeral of a dear Christian woman from my congregation.  Bette finally lost a long battle with cancer.  A week later I’ll be officiating for the wedding of Bette’s daughter, Kelli, and new … Continue reading

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Evil, Evil, Evil, LIGHT!

Dale Meyer, President of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, made this observation in his blog today, “It’s a deluge of news day-in and day-out, more than anyone can take in.  So we skim from story to story, don’t get too … Continue reading

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