Thumbs Up for Eternity

Today I finished teaching on online masters level course on marriage and family relationships for Concordia University, Wisconsin/Ann Arbor. I had an excellent group of students who fully grasped, adopted and have begun sharing Jesus’ way for relationships. They especially appreciated the “Thumbs Up” model for relationship prioritization, putting Jesus first, spouse next, family next, fellow believers next and then all other relationships.

As I wrote a final email to my students this evening, it occurred to me that my blog readership would probably appreciate some of what I shared with them, so here you go…

Photo by Art4TheGlryOfGod by Sharon

Photo by Art4TheGlryOfGod by Sharon

The importance of having our relationships in line has clearly come home to me this week. Two dear members of my congregation came to the end of their life on earth. One, nearly 90 and the other only 57. Both died of long-term illnesses that allowed me the opportunity to spend quality time with them before they died. Both died in CONFIDENT FAITH WITH JESUS ON TOP! In our final visits, both confessed that Jesus was their highest priority and they were, therefore, ready to meet him. Both left behind a dearly loved spouse, children and grandchildren. But, they were comforted in knowing these were all under the ongoing care of “the Thumb,” Jesus. When life on earth is over, these are the things that matter most.
I pray each of you will hold your “Thumb Up” to Jesus ALWAYS, even as you approach your own end of days. As you do so, you WILL touch many with the love of Jesus and you will be ready to spend eternity in the love of Jesus with them. Although our paths may not cross again on this side of heaven, I rejoice that I WILL see each of you in heaven. Our Bridegroom guarantees it! So, in closing I say, “See you later ;)”
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  1. Pam maust says:

    You are such an inspiration Pastor. I still miss you so very much. But I know I will “see ya later”. Have a blessed Christmas and tell the family we said hello.

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