Gun Control & Black Lives

My daughter’s taking a college Sociology class in which they’re discussing several current social issues that cause a lot of conflict. She asked me for my quick input on a couple. After I sent her some of my thoughts, she commented that I should share them in a blog because “a lot of people would be interested.” So, since my daughter is becoming very wise on such things, I’ve heeded her advice and here you go…

Gun control is not a clearly “black and white” issue from the biblical perspective. We first must note that guns don’t kill, people do. And, no matter what laws you make, evil people will still find guns to do evil if they really want to do so. In that sense, it’s partly true that a lot of legislation is a bit pointless.
On the other side, more regulation may limit the spread of guns and usage by certain evil people. This may be especially true in the case of automatic and semi-automatic weapons that aren’t really for hunting, but killing.

Which gun laws are effective and which are not is really up to the government. The state is God’s chosen instrument to make the best decisions they can on such things. The bottom line is trying to protect innocent life according to the fifth commandment, so in that sense gun control is good. On the other side, allowing people the guns they need to hunt and to protect themselves from harm by man or beast is ALSO protecting innocent life and is good.

By Blink O'fanaye

By Blink O’fanaye

The best approach in talking to people about gun control is to LISTEN and hear their arguments and try to get them to not be so worked up but try to understand the matter from another point of view. The growing hostility on both sides is the WORST approach to the issue.
That also proves true for “Black Lives Matter” and most other social issues. Yes, God tells me to value EVERY life, even those with more pigment in their skin than what I have. We should do all we can to protect “black lives” in the same way we value EVERY life. Unfortunately, some people behind the “Black Lives Matter” movement are using it to complain about everything and attack everyone. They refuse to listen to the perspective of those who have been attacked and harmed by aggressive individuals, some of whom are black. The bottom line is that we can’t blame skin color OR use it as an excuse for sinful behavior.
LISTEN to people and understand what their issue is and you get to the real root of the problem…sin and selfishness. We often take sides on social matters to support our own sinful selfish point of view. Address this sinful root and you may see some healthy fruit start to grow. A good amount of confession and forgiveness as “fertilizer” is also essential. Of course, vibrant growth and fruitfulness is mostly dependent on a lot of SONlight 🙂
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  1. Bruce Baker says:

    Well stated pastor.Thank you for clear concise statements.
    Bruce Baker.

  2. Sondra Snowdeal says:

    Very powerfully written.

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