JOY in Death

This past Tuesday I had the challenge and privilege of preaching and leading the funeral service for a dear friend, the wife of the previous senior pastor at the congregation I now serve. Lorna was a wonderfully faithful woman who lived for the Lord Jesus in all that she did. She truly exhibited a “Thumbs Up” attitude in all of life.

Sadly, her faith and love could not stop the assault of sin on her body. A terrible blood disease and failed attempt at treatment finally won the battle. BUT, they could NOT win the war! Through her undying faith in Jesus, Lorna has received the gift of eternal life in heaven. She’s sharing in the victory over death and hell that Jesus won for her through His death and resurrection.

It was this confidence that led Lorna to demand that her funeral would be a JOYFUL occasion of praise to the Lord. She asked me to make that clear in the service and in my message. What a JOY it was for me to do that. It was awesome to be gathered with a sanctuary full of nearly 350 family and friends to sing in exuberant and joyous praise to the Lord. It was difficult, but comforting to speak a message of hope and victory in Jesus’ name.

Death will always be a terrible thing. But, when a true believer in Jesus passes that gloomy portal there is joy beyond compare on the other side. And, for us who must remain on this side for a time, our confident faith and sure hope in Jesus give us reason for joy even through the tears. That’s the blessing of living with a THUMBS UP attitude always…even in the face of death! REJOICE!joy

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4 Responses to JOY in Death

  1. Jean Smeets says:

    It was an emotional service filled with laughter and tears. I enjoyed your message very much and my spiritual soul was filled that day celebrating Lorna and our eternal gift in Christ!

  2. Becky says:

    I want to thank you for this message, how fitting that I saw it in my Facebook feed on the day that we in Ohio both mourned and celebrated the passing of Tammy Rasmussen from this world to her heavenly home.

    • Todd Biermann says:

      The grace, hope and JOY of the Lord is universal. His timing is often incredible 🙂 God be with all of our dear friends in OH in this time of loss there!

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