Evil, Evil, Evil, LIGHT!

Dale Meyer, President of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, made this observation in his blog today, “It’s a deluge of news day-in and day-out, more than anyone can take in.  So we skim from story to story, don’t get too bothered.  These days even the skimming is wearing down our spirits.  The death of Robin Williams, looting in St. Louis, Islamic terrorists, civil war in Ukraine, Nigerians girls still kidnapped, Hamas and Israel…  Wave after wave of bad news, so much that we can’t ignore it.

Yes, we are in a sinful world that will NEVER be free from such evil.  Jesus told us it would be this way … and get worse.  So, we shouldn’t be surprised.  But, we can do something more than just wring our hands in fearful despair.  We can turn to our faithful Bridegroom, Jesus, and know that He is ALWAYS good.  We can trust that He will NEVER betray or fail us.  We can delight in His forgiveness and comfort every day.  We can eagerly anticipate the re-creation we will behold when we go home to Him in paradise one day.

We can also share Jesus’ kind of love in all our relationships.  It doesn’t matter if others don’t welcome our love or return it.  That’s how a marriage works.  Jesus gives and gives even when it’s not deserved.  Godly husbands and wives do the same with each other.  Parents do the same with their children.  Church members do the same with each other.  Christians do the same with their neighbors … nasty though they may be.

Responding to evil with evil will only take us down with the evil.  Responding with unconditional love will fill us with Jesus and His love.  It will also brighten this dark world in ways that we will never know.  But the Spirit WILL use it for good.  Do not doubt.  The Spirit is powerful.  He WILL work through the love we show to bring light to those in darkness.

The love of Jesus for us, in us and through us is our reason to smile, laugh and rejoice EVERY DAY.  The darkness cannot overcome the Light of the lamp that’s guiding us to the Wedding Feast.Lamp in Dark

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