Last night my dear wife showed her love to me by joining me to watch an action thriller movie.  Even though it’s not her first choice for entertainment, she indulges me every now and then … out of love.  For that, I thank God.

I also thank God for the hope he gives us on a daily basis.  The story line of the movie we watched involved a plot by a foreign power to take down the U.S. using a combination of a cyber financial attack along with a physical bombing attack.  While much of the movie was certainly far-fetched, the underlying premise was sound.  The U.S. does have many mighty enemies in this world.  They would love to see the U.S. crumble in economic ruin.  They’d love to divert some of our extreme wealth in their direction.  The utilization of cyber-technology along with terrorist activity is making attacks on the U.S. very possible.

NY Times Headline

NY Times Headline

As I watched the movie and then lay down to sleep afterward, some of these dark and foreboding thoughts were rolling around in my head.  It would have been very easy to start to worry.  It was then that I heard the Holy Spirit calling to me, “BE STILL! … and know that I am God!”  God’s sure promise of preservation and eternal life snapped me out of my fretting.  What’s the worst the world can do?  Take my life?  Take my home?  Take my family?  ALL of these are temporary problems.  ALL of them have been overcome by Jesus!

Still, I couldn’t help but wonder what goes through the mind and heart of those who don’t have Jesus when they start to ponder the very real threats of life in a sinful world.  Do they just sink into deep fear and foreboding?  Do they ignore their thoughts and immerse themselves in “busy-ness” or worldly pleasures?  I feel more compelled than ever to share the hope we have in Jesus.  He is our only hope when we realize how vulnerable we really are … personally and nationally.  Jesus gives us peace, courage and joy as we continue to live life in His way.

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