Funerals, Weddings & Life … in God’s Way

By WIlliam Murphy

Photo by WIlliam Murphy

On Monday I ‘ll be officiating for a funeral of a dear Christian woman from my congregation.  Bette finally lost a long battle with cancer.  A week later I’ll be officiating for the wedding of Bette’s daughter, Kelli, and new son-in-law, Marcus.  This wedding was scheduled two weeks ago in hopes that Mom would be able to attend.  There’s sorrow that this didn’t work out.  Yet … in the midst of the sorrow … there’s JOY!

Bette and her family lived life in God’s way.  They put Jesus first.  They cared for family after that.  They were close to the Faith family after that.  They were also  loving witnesses to the whole world.  This gave them a future and a hope (as per Jer. 29:11).  This gave them comfort and JOY in the face of death.  That’s why Bette has COMMANDED her family to sing with exuberant JOY of her victory with Christ at her funeral.  That’s why the wedding will STILL be a JOYFUL occasion.  In God’s way, despair and hopelessness have no place.  Hope and joy prevail.

Some would say it’s tragic that Bette won’t be at Kelli’s wedding.  In Christ, that’s not the case.   Bette’s hope and joy in Christ are gifts she passed on to Kelli each day of her life.  These gifts will still be lavished on Kelli and Marcus next week at the wedding.  Life’s different … in God’s way.  Through loss … love.  Through death … hope.  Through tears … laughter.  Through sorrow … joy.

That’s life in God’s way … with a future and a hope … EVERY day!

By Lapis Ruber

Photo by Lapis Ruber

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3 Responses to Funerals, Weddings & Life … in God’s Way

  1. Jenny says:

    Such a wonderful blog. Bette will be missed, greatly!

  2. Sue Hooper says:

    Beautifully said!

  3. Pam Maust says:

    So beautiful pastor – you always have such wonderful words in every situation. I’m sure Bette’s family will be comforted by you these next few weeks as they go through first sorrow and then the joy of her daughter’s wedding. Miss you so much!

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