Great Retreat and Feedback

Last week Heather and I had the privilege of leading the members of the presidium, district staff and Circuit Visitors of the Michigan District, along with their wives, in a “Life in God’s Way” retreat.  There were over 60 participants who took part in the majority of the retreat.  We were thrilled to be able to share God’s blessings for marriage and relationships with these influential leaders.  They were highly engaged and VERY positive in their feedback.  Now, they will take these gifts out to have an exponential impact in the Michigan District and beyond.  Join us in thanking God for this great event and pray for more opportunities like this.

Just to share some of the great feedback we received last week, here are some evaluation responses of what participants liked about the retreat:

My greatest insight was the use of dialogue prayer.  I have always felt intimidated and uncomfortable praying with my husband and have let him do the praying but the dialogue format of prayer makes it less threatening.

My greatest insight was”thumbs up for Jesus.”

My greatest insight was a more directed premarital counseling program.

The triangle illustration of marriage was very effective and very teachable!!  Excellent!

Thank you soooo much!  My wife and I loved it!

Great presentation!

My greatest insight was the idea of a family mission statement.

Thank you, Todd & Heather, for your witness and example!

My greatest insight was the reminder that we are reflections/examples of Christ to those around us and that our marriage is the reflection of Christ and His bride, the church – Excellent presentation!

My greatest insight was that I am not being selfish to expect that my husband’s responsibility to me really IS ahead of that to his church.  As long as that stays in balance we can “fly” together in ministry to those around us.

My greatest insight was that I need to take more time with my wife to plan and pray about our marriage, our life, and our calling.

My greatest insight was the emphasis on God having made my husband and me for one another!  (Already knew this, but just the reminding of it was very helpful.)  Hope our children have that realization in their future relationships/marriage.

My greatest insight was using “please forgive me” instead of “I’m sorry.”

I LOVED the triangle illustration[of marriage] and the “finger story”  [of relationship priorities] and am excited to share this with my kids and beyond.  (Yay for Heather and her visuals!)

My greatest insight was that my wife is the greatest earthly gift God has given me.

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