Seminar Sampler

Many people ask to see a sample of the material that Heather and I share about Life in God’s Way.  We’re eager to pass it on so it can touch more lives.  We feel convinced that the Spirit of God will bless those who are willing to follow His guidance for marriage and all relationships.  So, I thought I’d use this post to share links to our most current seminar materials.  Here are the links to the seminar Power Point and participant Handout in PDF (hosted on Dropbox online):

Please look it over or use it for your own personal benefit.  If you’d like to use it for more than yourself, please drop me a note ( or call(810-771-8837) and I’d be happy to chat with you.  Or, if you’d like to have Heather and/or me come share this material in person, we’d be glad to discuss that too.  Consider the various options available by going to our blog page “Presentations & Mentoring.”

We simply pray that more and more people will be touched by the perfect love of THE Bridegroom, Jesus and that His way for marriage and all relationships will spread.  The joyous blessings of Life in God’s Way are free for all who will receive them … and we’d love to help make that happen!


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