Stories of Hope!

Hope is elusive for many people. It will ALWAYS be out of reach if we rely on the promises and power of men. However, in Jesus Christ there is ALWAYS the sure and certain hope of wonderful things ahead. We KNOW we will be with Jesus in heaven for eternity. His death and resurrection guarantee it. The gift of faith received in Baptism and the Word of God assures us that Jesus’ gift IS ours for free.

We also have certain hope that Jesus will be with us each and every day to guide and bless us. Before He ascended into heaven, Jesus promised, “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20, ESV)

STILL…the trials of this life can bring doubt and fear that threaten our hope. Global warfare. Rising health costs. Poor economy. Hostile politicians. Nasty neighbors. Personal failures. All of these and more can rob us of hope.

In such times it’s important to return to the Word of the Lord and cherish His promises. It’s also important to turn to trusted Christian friends who will lift you up and point you to Jesus by their words and actions of love. It’s so helpful to hear the faith stories of others who’ve been through trials, but have not lost hope.

That’s why I’m excited about an event coming up at Faith Lutheran Church on Sept. 10th at 9:45a.m. A dear couple in our faith family, Keith and Sarah Stone, will be sharing their story of hope. Keith was severely injured in a freak golf cart accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Over the past two years the Stones have been on a long and arduous road. Yet, through it all, Keith and Sarah have NEVER lost hope. Their story is an inspiration for us all. Plan to come here their encouraging story. As we keep our “thumb up to Jesus,” there is ALWAYS a reason for hope!


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