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A Father’s Day Gift

Hi everyone! First let me introduce myself.  I am not Pastor Biermann; I’m his fifteen year old daughter Hannah.  This Father’s Day instead of giving Dad a tangible present, I decided to write this blog entry for him. My Dad doesn’t just teach people about sacrificial, unconditional and incarnational love, he lives it every day.  He shows these types of love through his actions and words.  He’s not perfect but he tries to model how...

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A Church Shaped by Marriage

I just recently received a Call to serve as an Associate Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Crown Point, Indiana.  Leading up to the Call, Heather and I had the opportunity to visit Trinity and its leaders.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know another family of believers that’s seeking to have their ministry shaped by God’s way for marriage.  They’re earnestly seeking to focus the congregation on Jesus as their perfect...

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Harris & Mary

Sometimes you see something in life that just makes you stop and say … “I’ve just seen Jesus!”  I had such an experience this week.  No, it wasn’t in Easter worship when we had someone dressed up as Jesus for a Gospel drama.  No, it wasn’t in the miniseries “The Bible.”  Instead, what REALLY showed me Jesus was an elderly man in my congregation by the name of Harris.  You see, Harris showed...

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Who’s 1st – Spouse or Kids?

Recently, Giuliana Rancic, an entertainment reporter and reality TV personality,  caused some controversy by saying she puts her husband above her son.  She said the best thing she and her husband, Bill, could do for their son was to have a strong marriage.  That’s why she fosters a close relationship with her best friend, her husband.  Many disagree.  They argue that your children … helpless and vulnerable … must come...

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“Thumbs Up” for the Adopted Child

Five-year-old Diana sat cold and frightened in the little room at the airport where she had been taken upon her arrival in the United States.   She feared she would be abandoned here, just as she had been abandoned at the orphanage as a baby.  When her new parents and their pastor entered the room, beaming with love, Diana received a glimmer of hope.  She wasn’t about to let her guard down entirely, but she would give this thing a...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview