“Thumbs Up” for the Divorced Mom

Sally was filled with shame as she confessed to Pastor Jacobs that Terry had served her with divorce papers just before leaving town with another woman.  Not knowing what else to do, she had followed the lawyer’s advice and signed the papers.  She thought for sure that the pastor would chastise her and probably proceed with steps toward excommunication.  She was surprised when he simply sat quietly listening with a caring countenance.  As he heard her confess her many failings in the marriage, Pastor Jacobs asked her if she desired to receive the forgiveness of Christ.  When she eagerly assented, she was jubilant to receive Holy Absolution.  Pastor Jacobs assured her of the unconditional love of the Bridegroom, Christ.  His sacrifice on the cross was for her by name.  She was free from the bonds of her guilt.  Sally found delight in this news, but then proceeded to voice her fears about the future.  She didn’t feel worthy to return to worship and other church activities.  She also questioned her ability to raise her children.  Pastor Jacobs walked her through the words of the “Thumbs Up” worldview.  Sally was heartened to hear that she would always be the recipient of the sacrificial, unconditional and incarnational love of her faithful Husband, Christ.  She was always welcome in His presence with her faith family in worship.  Pastor Jacobs also assured Sally that he and the other men of the church would represent Christ in a fatherly role for her children.  They would be incarnate reminders that her children had not been abandoned by their heavenly Father.  Sally knew that even though the road ahead would be hard, it would not be one she would be walking alone.  Christ Jesus would remain at her side each step of the way.  Christ would also be present for her incarnationally through the caring concern of Pastor Jacobs and her faith family.  She would not give up, but would face the future with a “Thumbs Up” worldview.

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