“Thumbs Up” for the Troubled Teen

Joe was terrified to face his parents.  How could he tell them that his girlfriend was pregnant?  Thoughts of suicide crept into the back of his mind.  He mustered the courage to tell his older sister, Jennifer.  After wiping her silent tears, Jennifer had hugged Joe so tightly, he felt he couldn’t breathe, but it was such a wonderful feeling to know she still accepted him as her brother.  After praying together, Jennifer walked with Joe to face Mom and Dad.  The conversation was immensely challenging and exhausting as it taxed every emotion in every member of this tight-knit family.  But, in the end, the love of Christ is what prevailed.  Forgiveness was granted in Jesus’ name.  Unconditional support was offered to help Joe with the tough obligations that awaited him.  The whole family walked together, along with Joe’s girlfriend, into the pastor’s office to discuss the situation and what to do from here.  The pastor acted with the same love that Joe’s sister and parents had shown him.  Although Joe knew that the future would be challenging, he was emboldened to face it.  He had experienced the “Thumbs Up” worldview in action from those he loved and respected the most.  He would not abandon it, but would faithfully follow it down the rocky road ahead.

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