“Thumbs Up” for the Adopted Child

Five-year-old Diana sat cold and frightened in the little room at the airport where she had been taken upon her arrival in the United States.   She feared she would be abandoned here, just as she had been abandoned at the orphanage as a baby.  When her new parents and their pastor entered the room, beaming with love, Diana received a glimmer of hope.  She wasn’t about to let her guard down entirely, but she would give this thing a chance.  The social worker had told Diana that her new parents were Christians.  This helped her believe that things could work out.  In the orphanage, Diana had learned of Jesus and His love for her.  This had helped her through many dark days.  But, Jesus seemed so distant.  Now, seeing her new parents and pastor in the flesh, Diana felt as though she might be catching a glimpse of Jesus for the first time.  When her new mom reached out a tentative and shaking hand toward her, Diana said a quick prayer and reached out her own trembling hand in response.  The touch of their fingers was electric as all that Diana had heard about Jesus seemed to be flowing through them.  In the days ahead, Diana saw and felt the love of Christ in many wonderful ways.  She was assured that Jesus was still with her in this new home.  She was also assured that she would be loved unconditionally and for all her days by her parents, her pastor and her whole church family.  It was hard for her to totally forget her past abandonment, but the love she was receiving gave her the courage to hope.  She would not run in fear, but would walk in faith.  She would cling to her “Thumbs Up” worldview that was beginning to take on new clarity and fullness.

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