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Just the other day I was meeting with the Board of Directors of my congregation.  I knew that some other board members were sharing with me in a bit of low morale.  Factors feeding this “bummed out” attitude included: more work to do and less people willing to help; the looming task of preparing the budget for another year; members who are content to quietly slip away rather than work through issues with their church family; the shortening of days and lengthening of dark chilly nights.

To realign our perspective, we went back to our vision statement based on a “Thumbs Up” Worldview.  The key to this worldview is that we first look up to Jesus Christ who still loves us unconditionally and will never forsake us.  Even when dark days come our way, we know we’re forgiven and bound for heaven.  This certainly makes the present darkness seem less oppressive.  The “Thumbs Up” worldview also reminds us that when we have a Christian spouse and children awaiting us at home, we’re rich beyond measure and we have a reason to rejoice in the midst of unhappy circumstances.   This worldview also renews our focus on building loving relationships with fellow church members and an unchurched world around us based on the love of Jesus.  We can’t make people love us, but we can show them sacrificial, unconditional and incarnate love as we’ve received it from Jesus.  Trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit, we move forward with joy in confident hope that He will do abundantly more than all we ask or imagine.

Refocusing on the “Thumbs Up” worldview helped the Board look at life in God’s way.  It lifted us all from the doldrums of naval gazing to the delight of being cross-eyed.  It reminded us of the privilege we have to serve such a mighty and gracious Lord.  One Board member passed along her renewed perspective after the meeting to the rest of her committee members in an email that said, “Was reminded tonight at the BOD meeting of what my true purpose on this earth is and to live to serve. :)”  The grace of God in Christ DOES change our perspective when we renew our priorities according to a “Thumbs Up” worldview.

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