“Thumbs Up” for the Witnessing Couple

Brian and Liz Smith were worried about their neighbors.  The couple next door was being stressed by bitterness and selfishness.  The Smiths went to the Lord together in prayer on behalf of their neighbors.  They were led by the “Thumbs Up” worldview they had learned at church to continue, unashamed, as a model of Christian marriage for their neighbors to see.  They openly spoke of each other as best friends and didn’t hide their regular sharing of confession and forgiveness with each other.  They also willingly sacrificed their selfish fears and courageously spoke to their neighbors about the love of Christ.  The neighbors were shocked that anyone still cared about them even though their bitterness toward each other had sometimes poured out into the neighborhood as well.  One night, Liz sat listening to her neighbor confessing her many failings and crying out for help in trying to save her failing marriage.  At the same time, Brian was next door with the husband in a similar conversation.  By the miraculous working of the Holy Spirit, both neighbors were receptive to the forgiving words of Christ that night.  They also eagerly listened as Brian and Liz each explained the “Thumbs Up” worldview with the appropriate words for their hearer to fully understand.  By God’s power, a marriage doomed for destruction was turned in a new direction, following the Christian model and guidance being offered by Brian and Liz.

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