“Thumbs Up” for the Widowed Pastor

Pastor Muller was devastated at the death of his dear bride of 40 years.  It left him questioning whether he could continue to carry on in his personal life and as a pastor.  After the initial shock started to subside, he began to realize all was not lost.  He recalled the words of Eph. 5:32 that spoke of the mysterious love of Christ for His bride, the church.  Pastor Muller rejoiced that he was still being held tightly in the unconditional love of Jesus.  He cherished the physical touch of the incarnate Christ in His Supper each week.  Sustained by these gifts, Pastor Muller could get up each morning and face a new day.  Life would never be totally the same as before, but the relationship that mattered most was still the same; that with the Bridegroom.

The comforting love of the Bridegroom also gave Pastor Muller the strength and guidance he needed to continue as a shepherd of the Lord’s sheep.  It was not his own power that he was dispensing, but it was the love of the Bridegroom that he was passing along.  He could continue to do this as he loved his members sacrificially, unconditionally and incarnationally.  In fact, he now had a better understanding of those in his care who had also lost their spouse.  By his example of reliance on the Bridegroom, he could be an inspiration to them.  His ministry would not be the same as before, but it could still be effective as he faithfully received and shared the love of the Bridegroom, Christ.

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