“Thumbs Up” for the Congregational Chairman

Scott was elected to the daunting role of chairman of his congregation.  He had no idea where to start and was fearful that he would fail miserably.  As he sat with his wife for their morning devotions together, he asked her to pray with him, which she eagerly did.  She then reminded him to pull out the “Thumbs Up” worldview handout they had received in worship the week before.  Reviewing it again, Scott was heartened about where to go next in his role as chairman.  Step one was to continue his regular worship and devotional life.  As long as he continued to receive the perfect love of the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, he was on solid footing.  This would also be the model that others needed to see.  Next, he would keep growing in his relationship with his wife.  She had promised to sacrificially give him the time he would need to carry out his role as chairman.  She would give him the unconditional support he would need, even when his own self-doubts would attack him at times.  She would also be there to hold his hand in prayer before he headed off to each meeting.  Her love would be a tremendous help in the task ahead.

As Scott considered the fulfillment of his duties as chairman, he realized that he already knew what mattered most.  He was receiving the sacrificial, unconditional and incarnational love of the Bridegroom regularly.  He was giving and receiving this same kind of love in relationship to his wife.  This same love would also be instructive for his role of chairman and for the work of the congregation as a whole.  All of the boards and committees under his supervision could refer back to the concepts of the “Thumbs Up” worldview in the accomplishment of their duties.  Sacrificing selfish desires would be important for all to come together in agreement on the many matters to be addressed.  Caring for one another unconditionally would help them forgive each other for the failings that would certainly occur.  Being with each other in the flesh, eating meals together on occasion, and especially attending the Lord’s Supper together, would keep them tightly bound as the body of Christ.  With a “Thumbs Up” worldview, Scott was confident as he stepped forth to fulfill his vocation of chairman.

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