Congregational Vision Based on the “Thumbs Up” Worldview

Here’s the guiding vision for Faith Lutheran Church of Grand Blanc, MI based on God’s guidance for relationship priorities.

A “Thumbs Up” Worldview    

JESUS Christ is the highest priority for each of us personally and as a congregation.  He loves us sacrificially, unconditionally and incarnationally and has freed us from sin and hell.  He daily fills us with joy and true peace through His Word and Sacraments.  We praise Him as our Savior and honor Him as our Lord.  We eagerly serve Jesus with our entire life … personally, as a family at home and as a congregational “Faith family.”  We give Jesus our very best in the use of our time, talents and material treasures.

SPOUSE is the next priority in our Faith family.  Married couples in our midst cherish their marriage as a reflection of the perfect union between Christ and the church.  They know Christ WILL bless and preserve their marriage as they live it out in His way.  And, whether married or single, we are ALL “married” to Christ Jesus.  Even single members join the rest of the Faith family in receiving and reflecting the sacrificial, unconditional and incarnational love of our perfect Husband, Jesus Christ.

CHILDREN & EXTENDED FAMILY are the next priority in our Faith family.  Parents have a high calling to raise their children in Christian faith.  They also have a responsibility to care for the members of their extended family; parents, siblings, in-laws, step-family, etc.  As husband and wife love each other in God’s way, they’re teaching their children and other family members about the sacrificial, unconditional and incarnational love of Christ.  The rest of the Faith family also prays for, trains and supports each parent in our midst (married or single) in raising children to be lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.  The Faith family also prays for and assists every member in caring for their extended family members with the same love shown to us by our Bridegroom, Jesus.

CHURCH FAMILY is the next priority for every member of our Faith family.  We care deeply for all our fellow disciples of Jesus Christ, first here at Faith, but also for other Christians in our community and throughout the world.  We pray regularly for one another.  We care for bodily needs as well as emotional and spiritual needs.  In word and deed, we use our time, talents and material treasures to support one another.  We’re committed to joining together in weekly worship and growth in our understanding of God’s Word.

WORLD-wide relationships with those who are not yet disciples of Jesus Christ are the final but not at all unimportant priority in our Faith family.  We have deep concern for everyone we encounter every day who is not yet free from sin and the threat of hell.  We do all we can to make Christ known to them as their own Savior and Lord.  We pray for them earnestly.  We join our Faith family in all our local efforts to make Christ known.  We take part in and support efforts around the world to lead others to receive salvation in Christ and to live out the joyous life of Christian discipleship He freely gives.

FAITH is a place for all of us to live together each day with a

“Thumbs Up” worldview.

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