A Father’s Day Gift

Hi everyone! First let me introduce myself.  I am not Pastor Biermann; I’m his fifteen year old daughter Hannah.  This Father’s Day instead of giving Dad a tangible present, I decided to write this blog entry for him.

My Dad doesn’t just teach people about sacrificial, unconditional and incarnational love, he lives it every day.  He shows these types of love through his actions and words.  He’s not perfect but he tries to model how Christ loves us.

Dad shows sacrificial love when he puts others’ needs before his own.  For example, he’ll always ask us what we (Mom, Micah and I) want to eat and then he’ll take the leftovers.  When we’re planning a vacation, Dad asks us, “Where would you like to go?”  He often puts our needs before his own.

Another way Dad sacrifices himself is through his time at church.  He sacrifices so much of his time with family to meet with or counsel people.  Many days he comes home with the whole lunch Mom packed for him because he never had time to eat it.

The second type of love is unconditional love.  Dad shows this love to me constantly.  Whenever I mess up, if I’m disrespectful to him or Mom, or when I fight with Micah, he loves and forgives me no matter what.  Every day he tells me how much he loves me.

Dad also shows incarnational (in the flesh) love.  Every day he gives me a hug and kiss before he goes to work.  Every night he blesses me with the sign of the cross on my forehead.  He also shows his incarnational love for me and my family by providing for our physical needs, maintaining our house and yard, and taking us on vacations.

I’ve learned so much from my Dad.  He’s taught me by example how Christ loves me and how I should love others.

In closing let me say, “Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  I LOVE YOU!”


P.S.  Below is the email Micah sent to Dad for Father’s Day.  It backs up what I was just saying.

Dear Dad,

I know that Father’s Day is for all fathers but I care most about you because you are MY father.  You are Honest, Kind, Joyous, Happy (most of the time), Fun, Caring and most of all very, very LOVING. You are, in my opinion, the best father on earth. I have had many influences in my life, some good, some bad.  I thank God so much that you have always had, and always will have, the greatest and best influence in my life.

I love you so much!


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  1. Bruce says:

    Nice job Hannah!!

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