By Oliver Hammond

By Oliver Hammond

RETREAT!  In battle, that cry often signals there’s trouble and you’re on the losing side.  However, in a marriage, the cry of “RETREAT!” can be an important reminder of something very good for the couple.  Time away as ONLY husband and wife is very beneficial to the relationship.  Some suggest it’s good to get away for at least a night every 3 months.

I agree with the value of couples retreating together.  That’s why Heather and I are eager to support “Grace Place Ministries” as an opportunity for church workers to retreat and refresh.  Next week, we’ll be helping lead a Grace Place Retreat in Trego, WI.  We’ll be sharing the blessing God has in store for couples when they live out their marriage in HIS way.  Having led such a retreat last summer, we saw what a blessing this retreat was to the couples who participated.  I invite you to join in praying that God will work mightily through this retreat to refresh the church workers and spouses who will be attending.

I also remind EVERYONE to take time in RETREAT … with Jesus.  Whether you’re single or married, time away with the Bridegroom, Jesus, is hugely beneficial.  Listen to your Husband as He calls, “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.” (Mark 6:31 ESV)  Turn off your cell phone.  No TV.  No lap top.  No internet.  No work.  Just you and your loving Husband.  Dig into His Word.  Let it fill you again.  He’ll bless you with the renewal and strengthening we all need to face life.

Since I’m turning off my phone and internet connection next week, I won’t have a new blog entry for you.  Why not take the time to RETREAT with your spouse and your Spouse, Jesus.  It’s well worth the time!

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