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REVIEW “Handing Out Life”

Thank you to everyone who has voted to make Handing Out Life the 2017 book of the year in its category among Christian small publishers. If you haven’t had a chance to vote, you can still do that before March 31, 2017 by following my directions HERE. Every vote helps to spread the news that this is a great resource for everyone in every relationship. Another way to help spread the word about Handing Out Life is to review it on its Amazon...

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Sabbatical Tour 2018

The leadership of my congregation, Faith Lutheran Church, Grand Blanc, MI, has just agreed to join me in a grand adventure for the summer of 2018. Together, we will seek God’s blessing on a time of sabbatical renewal. Now that I’ve been serving at Faith for 10 years, we want to join in thanking God for guiding us to His way for awesome relationships with Jesus and everyone else. During these years, I’ve completed my DMin...

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VOTE FOR “Handing Out Life”

VOTE NOW for Handing Out Life to be book of the year! The book I wrote to highlight the teachings of “Life in God’s Way” has been nominated for book of the year, 2017, among Christian small publishers. To encourage more to receive Jesus’ guidance and blessings for their relationships, I’d really appreciate your vote. Just click HERE or type in this address: .  Fill in the...

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Life OUT THERE in God’s Way

So often we confine our expression of faith within the walls of the church building or, if we’re a little edgy, in the walls of our home. But, my experience of late has shown that we’re surrounded by a world that’s EAGER to learn more about anything “faith” related. This was made clear last Tuesday when I attended a happy hour for a local realty company at a microbrewery. I went as a friend and guest of the lead...

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To Africa with Love

It was a delight this past weekend to host the Rev. Dr. Mandla Khumalo and his dear wife Lindiwe from St. Peter Confessional Lutheran Church in Middleburg, South Africa. Mandla shared his fascinating life story of how God brought him from a troubled childhood under an oppressive government to become a bold proclaimer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, now to a gathering of believers numbering more than 21,000. His message in our time of worship was...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview