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Back in January I wrote about my experience as I spoke to the Grand Blanc Michigan Chamber of Commerce.  Attendees were eager to learn about relationships as modeled and taught by Jesus.  That presentation led to several follow-up conversations and meetings.  One local realtor had me come and speak to her whole team.  They were so engaged that the scheduled 30 minutes turned into 90.   I’ve also attended two “happy hour” nights for clients sponsored by the realty team.  These both opened the door to dozens of great conversations about Jesus’ way for relationships.  GB Chamber Logo

With the recent publication of my book, Handing Out Life, my contacts through the Chamber of Commerce are continuing to grow.  The realtor I mentioned before is giving the book to clients.  Not only is she helping them find a new house, but she’s giving them a gift to help them have a great home.

Last Friday I spoke briefly to the Chamber of Commerce about my new book.  The reception was, again, very positive.  I had several requests for copies of my book on the spot.  I had many deep conversations lasting well beyond the meeting time.  Jesus was able to touch many lives with His Word of forgiveness, hope and guidance for relationships.  It was awesome to see what the Spirit of God was able to do when I made myself available to this community group.

One final praise story on the matter.  Later in the day after the Chamber of Commerce breakfast, I received a call from my realtor friend.  She had to share that she had just given a copy of my book to two women at a house signing.  As she shared with them her personal story of how the lessons in the book had impacted her, one woman began to cry.  When my friend began to apologize, the woman replied, “Don’t apologize!  That’s just the best story I’ve ever heard!”

Yes, the story of Jesus and His love IS the best story EVER heard!

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2 Responses to Chamber-Take 2

  1. Pam Maust says:

    Oh how I miss you Pastor!! This is a great story and I’m very anxious to read your book. See you in a few weeks.

  2. Todd Biermann says:

    Can’t wait to attend the wedding of a young couple that’s eager to live life in God’s way. AWESOME blessings are in store for them and everyone who sees them!

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