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Book Released

Handing Out Life is now available for purchase (CLICK HERE TO SEE IT ON AMAZON).  This is the book that I’ve been thinking about for over 10 years and that I put to paper last fall.  It summarizes the key concepts I’ve been sharing in this blog and through various seminars, papers and sermons on the topic of marriage and all relationships in God’s way.  Here’s the summary of my book as it appears on the back cover of...

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Simple Hope for LCMS Families

Joe Isenhower Jr. wrote the following in the LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) News for 2-23-2016, “A clear message emerged from the Feb. 12-13 meeting of the LCMS Board for National Mission (BNM) here — the need to strengthen Lutheran families.” I couldn’t agree more! Lutheran families are no different from any others in the ways that sin and Satan have caused them to be assaulted, corrupted and broken.  All families...

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About My Book

Last week I finished writing a book that summarizes the teachings that I share on this blog regarding marriage and relationships in God’s way.  In my last blog post I commented on my struggle with the decision about a publisher.  I thank the Lord for bringing me to a peaceful conclusion on that matter.  Three days ago I signed a contract with a publisher and the process is under way to get my book into print.  I’m truly excited...

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Jesus’ Simple KISS

Everyone baptized in the name of Jesus Christ is part of the church, His “Bride.”  He cherishes us and lavishes His love on us.  Though He may not come to us in the flesh to give us a tender kiss on the cheek to greet us each new day, He does give us another “KISS” of sorts.  Out of love, He reminds us daily to KEEP IT SIMPLE, SWEETHEART!   The SIMPLE truth is that we’re unconditionally claimed by Jesus,...

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Life in God’s Way – Bible Study 8

In this final summary lesson, we’re reminded that God’s Word gives us SIMPLE and MEMORABLE guidance for marriage and all our other relationships.  Most of all, Scripture directs our attention to Jesus as the one who relates to us perfectly and teaches us how to relate to others.  Having received the free forgiveness and perfect love of Jesus, we’re able to pass along this SIMPLE and MEMORABLE message to others in word and action so...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview