Jesus’ Simple KISS

Everyone baptized in the name of Jesus Christ is part of the church, His “Bride.”  He cherishes us and lavishes His love on us.  Though He may not come to us in the flesh to give us a tender kiss on the cheek to greet us each new day, He does give us another “KISS” of sorts.  Out of love, He reminds us daily to KEEP IT SIMPLE, SWEETHEART!  

Photo by Art4TheGlryofGod

Photo by Art4TheGlryofGod

The SIMPLE truth is that we’re unconditionally claimed by Jesus, forgiven for all our sin through His sacrificial death and assured we’ll join Him in His physical resurrection to live out eternity in His perfect new creation.  This simple, Good News is all we really need to be content, peaceful, fulfilled and joyful forever.  It’s the simple answer to all of life’s tough questions.  It gives us simple wisdom to guide all our relationships.

The problem is that we’re prone to complicate matters.  We get worked up about things that really don’t matter in the end.  We worry about food, possessions, income and savings.  We stress about our popularity and influence.  We struggle with our identity when we listen to the pundits of today, hearing that it’s too simple to just say I’m a man or a woman.  We worry about our health and long term future.  All of these things worry us when we listen to Satan bombarding us with a flood of words from every direction … the back of our own brain, on Facebook, over the radio waves, through the cable news, on the billboard … everywhere.  ALL of these worries stem from failing to KISS … Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.

Each morning as you arise, receive a KISS from your Bridegroom, Jesus.  Remember His SIMPLE promise to love you sacrificially, unconditionally and incarnationally forever.  Remember the KISS concept as you approach all of life, especially your human relationships.  As we keep it simple by seeking to love everyone with the same sacrificial, unconditional and incarnate love of Jesus, life is much less messy.  And, if a bit of turmoil creeps in when we start to listen to all of Satan’s words again, we can flee back to our Bridegroom, Jesus to receive His free forgiveness and a simple KISS.

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