The Supreme Court vs. God’s Way

Photo by Ted Eytan

Photo by Ted Eytan

Yesterday the Supreme Court of the U.S. handed down a ruling saying the Constitution requires that same-sex couples be allowed to marry and that states may no longer reserve the right only for heterosexual couples.  While the five justice majority may have their opinion on this matter, they can not and will never change the immutable will of God.  God’s Word remains the same.  It states clearly that marriage is the life long union of one man and one woman.  Consider, again, the words of Genesis 2:24 (repeated by Jesus and St. Paul), “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”  This being said, faithful Christians are bound by God’s Word to hold up His truth alone, regardless of the opinions of man.

This does, of course, mean that faithful followers of Jesus Christ will be facing some difficult challenges in the days to come here in the U.S.  It remains to be seen how this decision will impact us, but there will surely be effects in our personal, congregational and societal interactions.  Fervent prayer is in order for faithfulness, courage and love.  Note that last word.  No matter what, Christians will continue to be the source of God’s pure and perfect love in this world.  Satan is doing all he can to confuse people and cloud their eyes so they cannot see their loving Father and devoted Bridegroom, Jesus.  This is the saddest part of the Supreme Court decision.  It only furthers Satan’s confusing influence and obscures the Gospel of God’s love for us in Jesus.  Lifelong marriage between one man and one woman is meant by God to be a picture of the way Jesus loves His bride, the Christian church.  This beautiful imagery is lost when we move away from God’s way for marriage.  Our future fight will never be to destroy any fellow citizens of this country, but to accept them, love them and guide them to the pure freedom and perfect joy that only Jesus can give.

God’s Word remains.  The Gospel of free forgiveness and salvation in Jesus Christ endures.  This is the clear and simple message of hope and comfort that the Holy Spirit offers to all who will receive it.  This is the message that Christians will continue to receive with joy and speak with boldness.  To that end, it’s wise for us to be proactive in preparing for our future life in America … and anywhere else in a world under Satan’s attack.  It’s wise for every Christian to be in God’s Word more faithfully to be clear on the Truth.  It’s important to gather together in worship all the more as we see challenging days approaching.  It’s imperative that we cling to the Gospel Word of comfort.  And, in practical terms, it’s wise to read up on resources to guide us in God’s way.  A good place to start is the letter and attached resources released yesterday by LCMS President, Matthew Harrison.  Read it carefully and study the attached resources.  Then, continue in God’s Word, continue in prayer, continue in worship, continue in the Gospel, continue in hope and joy.  As always, Jesus and His love is the key to a hopeful and joyful life in God’s way.

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2 Responses to The Supreme Court vs. God’s Way

  1. Jeri Steward says:

    Thank you for this post. This recent news has made me so very sad and I pray for God’s love to help us all.

  2. George says:

    I appreciate the emphasis on ‘love.’

    While it’s difficult to say, in my part of the country (NY) this matter has been a challenge for a long time. This alternate definition of marriage has been in place for a while. I’ve come to terms with the fact that Christians have used the legal system to justify their beliefs for a while, (I.e. In place of scripture) and we may not be able to do that anymore.

    Personally, for the sake of an effective government in a post-Christian context, this may, dare I say, be a good thing. Legislating what is truly a Christian Value (even if it is an expression of natural law) opens up the door to legislating other religious values, Christian or otherwise. Perhaps this means that a ‘Christian marriage’ becomes all the more meaningful. More than a legal document.

    I think as the people of God, we are being presented with an opportunity to reach out with His love to individuals that some parts of the church have ‘written off’ – and our role is now, as it always has, to love.

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